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After publishing my app I added a section to collect feedback from my users to communicate with them. It was a good tool to establish a communication line with them to understand what they feel while using the app and what they want to see as new features. It was working properly and sometimes if they add their email addresses I could send answers. You can read that article if you want to learn more about collecting user feedbacks inside the app.

But sometimes there is a need to publish some news from my side. What is happening, what is…

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Hi everyone! Long time no see, and I wanted to write a little story about me and my Flutter journey at the first day of 2021! Before start wish you all the best, and I hope we all see that 2021 will be the year that our dreams come true!

Years ago I wanted to built an app for myself to experience mobile world and create a product that I am the only one responsible with it to experience every side of the work from developing to testing, from designing to marketing. It sounds interesting to me to experience this…

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Hi everyone! Today I am going to explain how to store media files on Firebase Storage to be able to reach them from anywhere. This case is very useful to me when I want to show images inside my app to users and when I don’t want to add this image inside the app. Basically, I need to have a link to show, so where to get this link? We can think about storing them on either Firebase or AWS S3 buckets. …

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After you release your app, one of the most important things is, collecting user feedback. It is really important to know that what people are thinking about that and how you can make it better. You can always ask your friends about it but asking a real user makes the difference, especially if they are many.

In this article, I am going to explain how I am collecting user feedbacks from my app to understand better what my users think. When I was searching for a good feedback experience for users to motivate them to give feedback, I have found…

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Make Your Selections Easy With This Way

Hi all! In this article, we are going to create a pop-up that includes radio buttons to let the user select one option.

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Hello folks, when you are building your app, you probably need to play a sound in the background, let’s assume that you are building a game and you need to play a sound continuously in a loop.

In this story, we are going to play a sound with a basic button. To do this we are going to use a package named “AudioPlayers”.

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This story is actually here to warn you about one really important point that I didn’t guess before. It is basically one word you should avoid. It is “Coronavirus” or “Covid-19”.

If you have this word somewhere in your application, it may cause suspension by Google unfortunately.

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Before and also during my professional life, I have experienced lots of job interviews with different companies in the software industry. They were looking for a developer to maintain their products and also develop new features that their customers demand. My mindset and aim were clear at all of those interviews;

I need money to survive, not to be rich for sure and I want to LEARN!

I was crystal clear about that and as time passes, still I did not doubt what I want. At every interview I was explaining my opinion and target related professional life, just to…

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Hi! In this story I am going to discuss the best solution to store image assets of your app. Should we use internal storage or remote servers? If remote servers then where?

Let’s discuss should we store them in the internal storage. Storing them internally means that you are going to use the storage of the user and keep everything locally. Let’s assume that you have an application where users can upload photos and making some changes on them. And they want to reach them anytime. First of all, your application will be working locally. Other users cannot see anything…

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Hi guys! In this article we will add a logging mechanism to our Spring Boot application. Logging mechanism is a must for applications I think. When you are building your application, you can debug it, but when your application runs on the production, and interact with users, some problems may occur. You may missed a bug at the development and test, but in the production bug says “Hi!”, at this point with logging mechanism you can search for your logs and see what happened in the application yesterday at 3pm!

Let’s start! I am going to use my recent project…

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Sweden-based full-time developer, and lifelong learner. Loves to learn and experience. Motto: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish | @anilemrah_

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